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SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/Marketing) techniques and strategies have proven to reward websites with vast amounts of traffic and ultimately more sales-what other reason is there? Of course the traffic depends upon various factors not the least of which is keywords and keyword phrases. Commercial webistes rely heavily on other factors on other levels as well. Audio, video, graphics, authority links, age and populatiry are all components that add to the magic of the SEO blanket. These and other optimization components are absolutely necessary to gain the traffic necessary to have a successful traffic hog website.

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Your prospective buyers are searching for you. But they search by keywords and keyword phrases they already have in mind. If you aren’t properly optimized to fit their mind set, they will pass you by. With the increasing popularity and effectivness of mobile devices search engine optimization is far more important now than ever before. Actually Google mandates that sites be mobilized for maximum ranking possibilities. No longer is it possible to rely on your ability or a friend or neighbor kid to rank your site. To gain first page rankings requires the services of a professioanl.

Why Should You Care if Your Website Ranks High?

There are two reasons why your webiste should be properly optimized for top rankings:
1) Increased traffic.
2) Increase conversions/sales.
3) Your competitors most likely are optimizing now.

Even though we are located in Ft Lauderdale, Florida (Broward County) we have clients all over the United States and Canada.

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Our SEO/SEM marketing services are geared toward customization and client satisfaction. After the initial consultation we will create a mix of SEO components appropriate to your website. These may range from but not limited to, article writing to press releases to video production (we do not charge extra for professional video production), link building, press releases, article creation, web 2.0 submissions and much more (see below). During this process we stay in contact through email, Skype or by phone and are available for questions should you require same. Weekly and by-weekly reports are vital part of our service to keep you abreast of the process. These reports are created in clear and easy to understand fashion to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings. The ultimate goal in search engine marketing is to get high Google rankings and maximize conversions. We like to use the term, conversion marketing.

keyword research & analysis, link buinlding, press releases,  search analysis and more for ultimate website conversions.


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